Anahera Koha

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A mother of four, for several years now I have struggled with many areas of my life the biggest impact was my health which has made reassess how and why I do things, I believe change is always a good thing just sometimes it is hard to change even if it is for the better, my journey has been full of ups and downs but now the hard work and perseverance is starting to produce positive results.  These positive results have lead to me going through a process of finding my joy again in doing things I used to love doing or just wanted to do fulltime or try.  I have a passion for many things including alternative healing, art, crafts, photography, children, food, health and education.

I am a very spiritual person and much of my work is spiritually based and inspired.  I also enjoy giving Angel and oracle card readings, Reiki and crystal healings.  I find it really hard to put a label on myself as I have many talents, gifts and qualifications.  So after a long hard look at myself and many meditations I decided if I had to label myself and encompass all of my talents or gifts I would say that I’m an intuitive healer and an inspirational artist.

I make a wide range of gifts.  All gifts I make are handmade or crafted with love, light and joy and with the intention of spreading a little love, happiness and healing throughout the world.  Some gifts are spiritually guided including many of my soft pastel art drawings and crystal mobiles and other gifts are created with a purpose to help one’s self by keeping memories, being creative tools and to help you move forward like the gratitude jars and the journey journals and then some are just purely meant as fun novel treasures or keepsakes including the mini quote books, special box of love and giggle jars.

Many of my gifts are made with or using recycled materials this is my way of consciously caring for the earth we live in now and of protecting and persevering it for future generations.

I love experimenting with new ideas and mediums and from time to time and will share the end results here too.

My plan is that my newer stuff will be available to buy.  Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask I can also make to order on certain items.

I welcome your critique.



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